how to choose a blogger template

How To choose a Blogger Template ?

One of the First Things you need to do When You start a Blog is Choose a Blog Template.And After this question of how to choose a blogger template. And Some Webdesign Knowledge Needed. so writing some points to in this article.

how to choose a blogger template

How To choose a Blogger Template

1.Which Category Blog

First of you have Decided to Which category Blog Like A Blog Type Entertainment, Technical Etc.

2.Layout check

After, You Select Template. Then Check Template Layout (Design) Are important.Layout in Header,content,Footer.Some Knowledge Of Webdesign.


Layout Part:

Header :

Header in add some menu like a Home,About,contact us, advertisement etc.

Content :

Content in add  post data.Post images And Other Data.

Footer :

footer in Add Navigation Links,Social Links,Useful Links,Copyright information.


Sidebar in add Ad widget,Content archive,Categories list,Relevant content,Subscribe widget And Many more Widget.

3.Landing Page

Landing Page in Your Brand logo And Subscribe Box,New & Fresh Content.

4. E-commerce

e-commerce blog layout is design by display product using text and shopping cart.

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5. Responsive and AMP

Blog Design:

> Mobile Friendly

> Clean & Simple

>User Friendly (UI Design)

>Accelerated Mobile Pages Project(AMP) Base


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